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I just read Wayne Mayo's guest column, "It's outrageous to me," (Chronicle, 19/28/21), and then sent the link to thirty-eight other people who are scattered across the nation.

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On November 11, 1918, Ralph Lindsey wrote from his hospital bed in France “Armistice signed at 11 o’clock. Grand celebration all over France. War is at last over and I am still alive!”

I was disheartened to read in last week's opinion page that Matt Walsh, CEO of Observer Media Group, opposes the Local Journalism Sustainability Act (LJSA).

As thousands of Americans continue to die from the COVID, it is discouraging to see so many Americans who can't bother with something as simple as wearing a mask in public places.

I think that the letter writer who posted in a county newspaper on October 15th may have confused a proposal from Merrick Garland regarding School Board harassment.

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Starting or running a small business can be the most fulfilling and challenging thing to do, all at the same time. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy; we all count on them and often take them for granted. Locally, we are missing resources to help our small businesses be as succ…

I've read several articles recently about how vet clinics statewide are facing staffing shortages along with the need to work through appointment backlogs caused by early COVID-19 restrictions.

Fall brings on those all colors of tree leaves and holidays. A ‘Native American’ Indigenous holiday for 1492! Also, Veterans Day, all Souls Day/Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and yes, the New Year’s Eve; of 2022

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When I first moved to Columbia County in 2016, I had never seen the movie Halloweentown, let alone heard of all the festivities that St. Helens had to offer during October.

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Several years ago while waiting for my appointment at the Vancouver VA another disabled veteran was bellowing loudly about the VA not paying him enough money, so I politely asked what he spent his money on.

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The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds are now available for the projects that I championed and were approved for House District 31. These infrastructure projects will benefit our communities for years to come. As your state representative, I am honored to be working with our local leader…

In our many conversations with our readers in the past year, we’ve learned a lot about what content people value the most. Time and time again, readers tell us they value local news above everything else in the paper.

The conversation around mental health has taken center stage, with Selena Gomez, Simone Biles, Michael Phelps, and Pac12 football players emphasizing the need to pay attention to warning signs of depression, anxiety, and chronic stress, and reminding us that it’s OK to ask for help.

As a restoration volunteer at Nob Hill Nature Park, I would like to communicate my outrage at the placement of the City of St. Helen’s Halloweentown event within the park. It is especially distressing that city representatives did not consult the initiators of the park, Caroline Skinner and …

Please explain how Sheriff Pixley can enforce the state's mask mandate? Scenario, your in a store and an unmasked person enter. Do twenty people call 911? Probably not! The store has to call 911.

It is with dismay that I have read so many negative comments in the newspapers regarding the recent letter written by Sheriff Pixley to Gov. Brown.

The SHHS Wind Ensemble has been selected to perform a concert hour at the 2022 Oregon Music Educators Association State Conference on January 14th in Eugene!