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This Veterans Day across the nation, for the first time since the holiday was conceived in November 1919, there will be no large ceremonies in big cities and small towns in observance to properly express our gratitude and appreciate of our country’s brave men and women who served in the Unit…

The Columbia County Fair Board would like to thank all of those that assisted during the Wild Fire Evacuations.

Socialism is when the state controls the means of production. That is, owns the factories and such where people work.

I am writing to encourage everybody to vote for Brandee Dudzic for Columbia County Commissioner, Position 1. With all the news about the poor leadership, toxic work environment and culture of secrecy in our county, I think we are all ready for a change.

I worked for Columbia County for 16 years. I left the county a couple of years before Casey Garrett was hired so I didn’t have interactions with him through my county employment. I have had interactions with him through parks meetings.

I knew Mike Clarke before he started his law firm. I would sit with Mike and discuss his goals and legal career, and I would make suggestions about which areas of law he should specialize in, knowing these were the easier types of cases to open and close. Instead of taking my suggestions, Mi…

Watching the stream of people returning their ballots to the courthouse is an uplifting sight. Voting is the opportunity to make necessary change.

With a local elections coming up, I think it’s important to do your research on each candidate to find who shares your values best, and when it comes to Columbia County Commissioner, Position 1, mine was Brandee Dudzic. She understands very real issues going on in the county and in the count…

I am voting to reelect Brad Witt for State Representative. There is no comparison between the candidates; Brad has the experience, the education and the empathy to do the job. He teaches civic involvement to children and teens in Columbia County by being both a role model and a human being t…

Something I’ve noticed everyone agrees on is that big money in campaign finance is bad.

I’ve been a supporter of Brandee Dudzic for Columbia County Commissioner since the primaries, and here’s why:

I am imploring voters living within the Rainier Cemetery District (Clatskanie, Rainier and all area in between) to vote YES on the minuscule increase they are currently seeking. $0.05/$1,000 equals $12.50 per year on a home assessed at $250,000. Twelve cemeteries for one man to maintain, wit…

I am a local business owner and I will be voting for State Representative Brad Witt.

I am writing to encourage folks to vote for Brandee Dudzic for Columbia County Commissioner, Position 1. I am a retired 911 operator and I know what it takes to make a community safe. Brandee’s passion for investing in our youth and most vulnerable community members will pay huge dividends.

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In 2016 Columbia County decided to vote conservative. At a time that was relatively calm by today’s standards, up and down the ballot in Columbia County, Republicans won the support of voters not looking to upset the status quo. However, 2020 is not like 2016. Oregon is now facing multiple c…

Medicare’s annual Open Enrollment season is underway, and I want to encourage all people with Medicare to review their current health and prescription drug coverage.

As we head into the colder months, we also head toward flu season.

Hooray for all the sharing and caring people in Columbia County. The many volunteers helping fire evacuees and their animals at the Columbia County Fairgrounds was amazing.

As a parent in Columbia County, I look to a candidate’s platform on children, schools, and childcare as vitally important when deciding how I will vote in local elections. This election cycle, I have been dismayed that there has been little discussion from most candidates about our children.…

As a juvenile department employee in Columbia County for over 35 years, I was in a unique position to work with and observe Judge Jenefer Grant as both a defense attorney and a judge. As an attorney, she was a strong advocate for abused and neglected children; fighting tirelessly for their r…

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Judge Grant has served  as a judge for over 12 years,  and before that she was an  attorney standing in the courtroom  of the current Columbia  County presiding judge that  has recently endorsed her, the honorable Judge Grove.  Judge Grant has proven  herself to the people of Columbia County…

Oregon ballots are scheduled to be mailed out on Oct. 14. This is a time for some very expensive political campaigns, with little or no limits on campaign spending and a wonderful opportunity for special interests to buy themselves political candidates.

As a Coos County Commissioner and first vice president of the Association of Oregon Counties (AOC), I have been able to work closely with Commissioner Alex Tardif in his role as treasurer of AOC. He represents Columbia County well, and the voters of Columbia County should reelect him on Nov. 3.

We are not usually vocal about politics but today we would like to share our thoughts about the position open for Circuit Court Judge Position 3. Bill and I are voting for Mike Clarke. He has done legal work for us for years. Mike is a good man who puts effort into each challenge. We feel Mi…

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Casey Garrett is running for county commissioner, position 3. I urge you to vote no for Mr. Garrett. In his personal file and other public records I discovered many verified complaints.

Government functions best when local leadership is in tune with the challenges and opportunities we face.

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I am not one to air my opinions on politics, but I want to share a quick thought on this young man who is making a difference in our county.

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We tend to think of domestic violence as a moment in time, an incident that occurs which disrupts the normal fabric of a life. If it hasn't affected you personally, it's easy to think of it as something that only happens to other people.

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In these days of divisive politics, where many politicians use misinformation to divide and polarize us, we are lucky to have a man of Brad Witt’s character, knowledge, and skill as our representative in the Oregon legislature.