I have had a number of calls about the impact of ash moved from the regions’ wildfires onto both native and cultivated plants.

It is with great dismay that I heard of the suggested plan of allowing OHV rallies to be held at Camp Wilkerson.

A sign on Highway 30 caught my attention. It said in big red letters “Fire Brad Witt”

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Brad Witt has my vote and has been a real source of support and inspiration for our community.

As regards the letter of Joe Turner about Biden’s policies (9/2/2020), I am appalled by how appalled he is when he talks about the "progressive liberal socialists" of the Democratic Party.

The City of St. Helens is aware that some community members and businesses have raised concerns regarding the safety of the Spirit of Halloweentown festival this year in light of COVID-19. The safety of our community is always the City’s number one priority and any decisions made by the City…

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2020 Season includes a return visit of several cast members including Emily Roeske as Sophie Piper Cromwell, Joey Zimmerman as Dylan Piper and Phillip Van Dyke as Luke.

As a registered non affiliated voter, having read Joe Biden’s policy recommendations, I am appalled of how the progressive liberal socialist wing of the Democrat Party plans to reshape American politics.

The UK Daily Mail reported 23 August that Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsay Graham revealed on Fox’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” stating newly released documents show the "ultimate double standard” exercised by the FBI in treatment of the Clinton Vs. Trump campaigns.

Thank you for the tribute to non-profit organizations (August 12, 2020). Not enough attention is paid to how the citizen of Columbia County fulfill their civic duty not only by voting but also working to make a special place to live and visit.

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The feds’ new salmon Plan Ignores Climate Science and Hot Water caused by the dams.

At times during my years of military service I worked with hazardous materials such as grenades, claymore mines, and C-4 plastic explosives. After which I worked at the Umatilla Chemical Depot around nerve agents and mustard gas.

I have been a subscriber for the 48 years we have lived here in St. Helens, thru all the ups and downs of the paper.

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The Second Special Session called by Governor Brown to deal with the coronavirus-caused revenue shortfall, was completed in a one-day marathon effort.

With an uptick of cases less than six weeks from the first bell, there is no way to safely open up Oregon schools in the Fall.

According to City of St. Helens Administrator John Walsh, St. Helens has “transformed from a fading mill town to a community recognized internationally as a top designation for Halloween activities.”

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I’m calling for the City Council members of St. Helens to make clear where they stand with white supremacists and alt-right hate groups.

I thought I would have a quiet dinner by the waterfront in downtown St. Helens Friday night.

I want to express my gratitude, love and heartfelt respect to everyone that suited up and showed up for the multiple community events preceding the death of my nephew Tony.

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Oregon Governor Kate Brown held a news conference this week to layout a framework for reopening schools this fall. She warned that this coming school year will be unlike any other school year on record.

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Growing up on the southern Oregon coast my favorite comic book was “SGT Rock” and his exploits fighting Nazi National Socialism across Northern Africa, Italy and into the heart of Germany.

Each day during the week I check with the Oregon Health Authority and look at postings in the section labeled “Demographics, Hospital Capacity and testing.” They show a county by county listing of Covid-19 positive tests.

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The Oregon Legislative Joint Emergency Board Committee met this week and approved $200 million of Federal Coronavirus Relief funds for COVID-19 response activities, programs and services.

Tax Day has now come and gone. Time to shred those no longer needed papers and files.