It is with dismay that I have read so many negative comments in the newspapers regarding the recent letter written by Sheriff Pixley to Gov. Brown.

The SHHS Wind Ensemble has been selected to perform a concert hour at the 2022 Oregon Music Educators Association State Conference on January 14th in Eugene!

On September 18th the Chamber of Commerce is hosting a 100-year celebration to honor the history of our building, the Old Train Depot. The Chamber is excited to be hosting a community event that highlights our business district, our history, and provides an opportunity to connect.

Three weeks have now passed since Sheriff Pixley posted his anti-science manifesto on Facebook. Since then, we have seen new COVID cases in our County increase from a seven-day average of 22 per day (already scary enough) to 26 per day, for a total number of recorded cases here now over 3,00…

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The attacks in New York, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania shocked all Americans in the days and weeks that followed 9/11.

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Sheriff Pixley, you penned an open letter on the behalf of myself and other citizens of Columbia County to Governor Brown.

I read that our sheriff is announcing which declarations and laws he is not going to enforce. Apparently, he has not noticed that in Columbia County the number of Covid cases and deaths is escalating astronomically, coincidentally increasing in other areas of the country where vaccination ra…

In regards to Sheriff Pixley's letter to Gov Brown refusing to enforce public health mandates, I'd like to remind him of the Oregon Sheriff's Code of Ethics which requires him to " ...develop self-restraint and be constantly mindful of the welfare of others." and " exemplary in obeying …

Last Saturday evening I had the opportunity to attend the HOPE & Turning Point community picnic and benefit auction – my first such event since joining Columbia Economic Team, due to COVID. I was able to see and meet many people I know only from Zooms, and they were making great things h…

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Over 26,000 vehicles per day commute from or pass thru Columbia County on each work day of which 73% exceed the basic rule, speeding, and 36% have burnt out lights, bald or improper tires, fail to stop at stop signs or yellow lights and talk on cell phones while holding them in their hands.

Some one - maybe the county’s legal counsel - needs to explain to Columbia County Sheriff Brian Pixley that he took an oath to enforce the laws of the state and county and not just the laws he personally believes in.

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A little-noticed initiative by Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-WA, Sen. Ron Wyden, D-OR and five other senators would boost local jobs, accelerate sales and improve economies. The Local Journalism Sustainability Act, S. 2434, is designed to help local news media support their newsgathering missions.

Sheriff Brian Pixley is abdicating his duty to protect his citizens by refusing to enforce the mask and vaccine mandates set forth by the Governor.

The Constitution is the final law of our country, unless following it can harm or endanger the citizens.

This is an open letter in response to the recent letter published in the name of Sheriff Pixley, in defiance of Governor Brown’s mask mandate.

I was appalled when I read Sheriff Pixley’s August 19th letter to our Governor. He began his letter with the statement “As Sheriff, it is my responsibility to provide for the peace and safety of those in Columbia County.”

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Editor's Note: Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek sends out a frequent newsletter to residents in her District 44 and others in Oregon. The following is her latest newsletter dispatched Wednesday, Aug. 18.

Editor's Note: The Chronicle presented Paul Vogel's part one of this two part guest column in the Aug. 11 edition. The following is part two.

Enough people squawked and congress and The White House listened so the moratorium on evictions, even though illegal, have been extended until Oct 3.

The Rosebud Restaurant in Scappoose is interested in hosting a traditional Bluegrass Jam from 7-9 on Tuesday evenings, beginning as soon as Covid precautions can safely accommodate group music.

Columbia River Fire & Rescue (CRFR) in partnership with Columbia Health Services administered 54 COVID-19 vaccines between both Rainier Days in the Park July 10 and 11 as well as at Columbia County Fair & Rodeo July 15 through 18.