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On June 16th the city is scheduled to review a price increase from Hudson Garbage.

Does adversity build character? If so, I have little doubt the class of 2021 will ever face a challenge or obstacle they cannot overcome.

I’ve been fortunate since my military discharge forty years ago to live in communities with access to Grocery Outlet stores, not only where customers can save an average 42% savings on their goods but also the flexibility of individual stores to adjust their inventories to meet their local c…

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For the second year in a row, Memorial Day observances in communities, organizations and even within family groups will look very different later this month because of the COVID pandemic.

The real problem is how the city wishes to fund the building project for a police station. They want to place a charge on your water bill, which includes customers outside of the city limits.

The voters in the Rainier/Clatskanie Cemetery District need to be applauded and congratulated for recognizing the importance of passing the recent operational and maintenance levy for the 12 cemeteries in the District.

Work in the Legislature continues, as bills are coming out of the committees and advancing in both the House and Senate chambers. This session we have been focusing on many immediate needs of Oregonians, stemming from the pandemic and last year’s record wildfire season.

Over the last year, I have experienced unbelievable stress in my job as a journalist because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But, like so many others, this stress was also in my home, in my relationships with my family and friends, and even in my simple trips to the grocery store.

The Rainier/Clatskanie Cemetery District is again requesting additional funding for the 12 cemeteries in Columbia County covering 39 acres with 13,000 current and future grave sites.

The Scappoose Fire District Board of Directors urges a yes vote on Measure 5-285 for the support of the District’s emergency response capability to fires, medical emergencies and other emergency service needs.

Voters in Scappoose School District have an opportunity in the upcoming May election to vote for three of the seven positions on the School Board.

Editor’s Note: The Chronicle recently received and published a Letter to the Editor from Liam Gallagher, a seventh grade student in Indiana, requesting information about Oregon for a school project his class is working on. Liam also requested that readers write and tell him why they like Ore…

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Last week House Democrats and Republicans reached an agreement to suspend the full reading of bills on the floor and to split membership on the redistricting committee so an equal number of lawmakers from each party will serve on the panel.

The Port of Columbia County plays an important role in the attraction, retention, and expansion of businesses in the port district, which spans the entire 51-miles of Columbia River frontage of Columbia County, Oregon.

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The legislative process continues to move slowly in the House Chamber, and bills are now being read in their entirety instead of the usual process of being identified by title only.

To all my conservative neighbors, if you are outraged and upset by the liberal shutdowns and restrictions on your freedoms, then I suggest you get vaccinated.

“Are we there yet?” Most of us are used to hearing that hollered from the backseat of the car on a long trip. This trip is an even longer one and the answer, decidedly, is “No, we’re definitely not there yet.”

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The Oregon Legislature's Joint Committee on Ways and Means will host the 2021 Oregon Budget Virtual Hearings to receive public feedback on how to re-balance the state budget and use federal funding from the American Rescue Plan Act.

American corporate federal tax receipts reached its zenith in 1944 America providing a whopping 25% of tax revenue. We needed it. We were in the midst of fighting WWII. We were counting on Ford, Boeing, and other corporations to out build the Axis and the federal contracts were huge.

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American corporate federal tax receipts reached its zenith in 1944 America providing a whopping 25% of tax revenue.

I have been watching the new projects and proposals in St. Helens and Scappoose costing millions of dollars.

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Another confirmed COVID-19 infection caused the cancellation of the Oregon House Floor session on Monday, but we continued our remote committee work, and resumed floor sessions on Tuesday.