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After 19 months of combat in Vietnam I was welcomed home by long haired college student anti-war protesters who after graduation cut their hair, put on suits and became members of the corporate elite.


When you have a situation, with immeasurable tension, involving multiple groups and many different walks of life, coming together for ANY reason there is bound to be a little tension. Especially when it comes to racial matters, and the inequalities of today being addressed. On Wednesday the …

On June 3, during a George Floyd/Black Lives Matter Protest, the city of St. Helens got invaded by 70 groups of Patriot Prayer, a far-right group that has ties to the Columbia County Republican Party and that has attracted racist and violent followers.

I would like to publicly thank State Representative Brad Witt and his office for helping me navigate the Oregon unemployment system. Like everyone else, I was having serious issues, but couldn’t seem to find anyone who would help.

Where is the numb feeling in shooting each other on our streets?