In George Washington’s farewell address, he warned of the dangers of political parties and their dangers of partisanship even when current political parties were being formed by founding fathers John Adams and Benjamin Franklin.

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I’m a parent, grandparent, former teacher and 40-year resident who cares for kids. Over the years I have attended many public meetings and spoken with and written to various elected officials.

Monday, Jan. 11, marked a new beginning in Oregon, as I and other re-elected and newly elected Senators and Representatives took our oath of office to officially begin the work of the 81st Oregon Legislative Assembly.

Every month, my husband and I donate to Habitat for Humanity. We thought many other people did, but a Habitat worker reminded me recently of a surprising fact: we are among only four monthly donors in Columbia County.

It is a busy time as we approach the holidays, but we received some great news from Washington, D.C., as Congress approved $900 billion dollars in much needed Coronavirus relief.