I was recently working during the Halloweentown Parade. There was a group at forefront very appropriately dressed, in black capes and masks. The only thing that singled them out were the signs they carried. The stated facts concerning the safety and efficacy of vaccines. The signs also alluded to the controversial fact that there are aborted fetal cells in vaccines. The group was polite, respectful and informative. They even had factual pamphlets backing up the evidence stated by their signs. Not once, despite mixed response of cheers and animosity, did they react or lash out. Even when being flipped off and being told, “I hope your babies die.” I would also like to note here that one marcher was, by all appearances, pregnant.

While I do understand people not wanting politics in parades, I would like to point out that many past parades have been used as an advertising venue for businesses and politicians. From my understanding, this group was completely within the legal guidelines stated by the parade upon entry. Another thought is that with all of the things happening in this country concerning the blatant infringements on our freedoms, be it gay rights, gun rights, over taxation, or medical freedom, drastic measures are sometimes called for.

If you don’t know what I mean when I refer to medical freedom, let me explain.

In several states in this “free” country, there are bills being passed, despite objections by the people, with the intent to mandate the full CDC schedule of vaccines. The current schedule is 69 doses of various vaccines in early childhood. I don’t know about you, but that seems extremely excessive. The really dark side of these bills are the fact that they deny any exemptions based on personal or religious grounds. When last I checked we were supposed to live in a free country that encouraged diversity of every kind. When vaccines are being forced on the populace by our representatives over the directives imbedded in our constitution, people feel the need to do desperate things to keep the general populace informed. Already in New York children are being pulled out of school and held in separate rooms for failing to comply with these vaccine mandates. This is segregation and discrimination.

So, what’s more important? The fact that you were mildly pushed out of your comfort zone and forced to think about wrongs that are being done? Or the fact that parents’ freedom to choose for their children are being stripped away by a greedy government, who is backed by the same pharmaceutical company who makes vaccines? I myself do not trust the vaccine industry and have personal, medical, and religious reasons for not wanting to vaccinate. Since the parade I have been told, “I hope your children die and you go to jail,” and, “your children should be forced to wear armbands and be pulled out of school.” To me, the women in the parade did something incredibly brave in the face of animosity. They used their freedom and intelligence without being hateful. Maybe the people of St. Helens should take a page out of that book. Also, I want to point out that they are being taunted for “hiding their faces and wearing masks” and that “they don’t even know who Guy Fawkes is.” I thought people were supposed to dress up for Halloween….the masks make sense yet? Very few in that parade were wearing their everyday face, free of makeup or mask.

I think Guy Fawkes was chosen because they knew exactly who he was. He was not just a man who failed in his attempt for liberty, he was someone who fought and died for it. Which is exactly how far these men and women are willing to go.


Sarah Heppner



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interesting letter and thank you.

couple of points to enlarge upon.

it seems you are advocating for the freedom to act upon anything you believe in. Thus if you believe fervently enough the rule of law under which you live ,should accommodate your beliefs. that is a general idea of of our constitution, yes.

There are limits, as in this freedom "to swing your fist stops upon contact with my chin".

To expect every belief to be accommodated by our constitution, is agreeable to your sensibilities, but it makes for poor law governing societal actions.

Essentially you can believe what you will no matter how odious, and there are odious beliefs 'aplenty in this society, but you are not free to act upon them, if it infringes on the rights of others with whom u must share this country, under law.

Beliefs given free reign and supremacy has another name -anarchy.

i would be fairly upset with your choices, based on your beliefs, if your beliefs result in freely spreading illness that are preventable to others, including my children. that seems cowardly, selfish and inward- looking and a detriment of those around you.

HIV is deadly. those who knowingly infect others are hauled into the dock and asked to defend their actions. this you will , i hope, agree is justice being served. Its a faint line ,fairly blurred that separates that individual from the crowd of anti-vaxxers who insist on the freedom to avoid caring for their children in a manner that will not harm others.

As an individual engrossed with the right of freedom to act as you will You must then be of the opinion that your actions carry responsibilities. If so, are you prepared to make whole any individual you harm by your beliefs?

essentially if your child infects another your belief system caused that directly. You should bear the burden of making that child whole its only fair, the same fairness that you expect of others.

Profits of big Pharma. I do not know how you came by the idea that vaccines are hugely profitable or where you got your information, but for the most part vaccines are not.

Drug companies justifiably keep profit margins under tight security. So if i cannot find clear information on this topic , and i have looked carefully , ,then i doubt you have inside information that we are not privy to.

Suffice to say if they make big money it is due to selling 50 million vaccines at a low profit . Not very long ago Our government had some difficulty getting enough vaccines and had to arm twist the labs to produce sufficient doses for the populace. don't sound very profitable to me.

i'm unsure if you refer to infringements of the "gay rights, gun rights, medical freedoms as those infringing upon you or these groups are being infringed upon, in any case, speaking to medical freedoms, we have many. including the right to refuse medical care which may end in your death, or the doctor can refuse to treat you, ending in your death. These are extreme, but they are rights we have-individually.

So i must ask : is it a rights infringement upon a man who chooses to drive recklessly, drunk, or without the proper license? that he be collared? is licensing an infringement? generally?

Is gun control an infringement if we are not allowed mortar or machine gun? Everyone should have at least one. motorcycle helmets, seat belts, head rests , airbags, smoking in public places, the illegal poaching and use of public spaces. these are infringements on individual desires, but they promote lawlessness and a burden on other members of society if not curbed by law and punishment.

If you are an anti-vaxxer should you buy insurance to aid those of us who may be harmed by your beliefs?

You arguments are specious, and cockeyed.


These are members of the local Republican Party....who have done just about every conceivable thing to drive away voters including ruining a kid's parade with their anti-vaxxer propaganda. They even elected a democrat Sheriff. This county is beyond fixing.

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