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Obituary Policy

The Chronicle has these options for submitting obituaries:

• Death notice: Includes the person's name, age, town of residency, and info about any funeral services. No Charge. Add a photo $25.

• Standard Obit: The cost is $75 for the first 200 words, $50 for each additional 200 words. Includes a small photo at no extra cost. Add $25 for each additional photo. Additional photos will need to be emailed to directly..

• Option for a 50% off pick-up (no changes) for an obit within 2 weeks of original publish date.

• Display Obit: $9.50 pci. Add color for $5.00 pci. Includes a small photo at no extra cost. (Example 1/4 page, $9.50 pci X 31.5 col. inch = $299.25 + $157.50 color = $456.75)

• Obit includes placement online.

Obituaries must be submitted and paid for by Noon Monday in order to appear in print that week. We will contact you to get the payment information for your obituary submission.

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