He swore to uphold the Constitution, not to interpret it. The Courts decide what is unconstitutional, not the Sheriff.

Our rights and freedoms are not absolute, by not wearing a mask a person violates other's right to be free of the threat of disease and death. I would think that we…

It appears that Mr. Biggs is a victim of fake news. Israeli teachers do not pack guns. They have security details protecting students on field trips. I would love it if we followed Israeli gun laws where only about 2.5% of the population are armed. Gun owners are licensed and must period…

If Mr. Biggs feel that the 8 mass shootings at schools were instigated because of gun free zones, how does he explain the other 80 mass shootings not in gun free zones?

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46.1% of the voters in the country voted for Trump, not half.

I did that and I do not see any similarities.

Apologies, Chris Brumbles. Misspelling was an autocorrect that I did not catch.

I found Chris Grumbles arguments very confusing. He seems to be arguing against the Court's power of judicial review, but he supports his arguments by stating that the Supreme Court has verified it. He uses Article 6 of the Constitution as evidence, but ignores Article 3 which describes th…

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Chris, please seek professional help.

Maybe Wayne Mayo could move to Israel?

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It is amazing how many inaccuracies he can get in one letter.